story telling at imaginland

At Imaginland’s’ storytelling session, children are teleported to a fantasy world called The Kingdom of Gloria. During the epic journey, they interact with Princess Bella, Garmon the Wizard, Prince Sadon and The Great O Witch. Teaching life lessons and core values is at the heart of Imaginland’s mission. As the characters interact with the children, they get to teach theme valuable lesson such as kindness, forgiveness, patience, confident humility and much more. This is part of our core, to teach the younger generation how to be better people through an immersive experience of storytelling.

Prince and bella

Princess Bella is the jewel of the Kingdom. She is known for her beauty and humanity, and she is The Great O Witch’s arch rival because of the love that the people of Gloria have for her. Bella shows up regularly at ImaginLand with her fairy dust and special friend, Funny Bunny.

Gaara is the hero of the Kingdom. He defeated Black Thunder the Dragon and The Great O Witch, during the last battle for middle earth. Gaara visits ImaginLand occasionally, sometimes with his love Princess Bella, to tell kids about his courageous encounter with the dragon.


The Great O Witch is always conjuring up a nasty spell or brewing a magic potion to defeat Princess Bella. She used to be a beautiful lady in King Arthur’s maiden court, but jealously drove her to evil sorcery. Great O appears at ImaginLand with her latest spells, but there is always good present to counter her magic.


Garmon the Wizard is the voice of reason in the Kingdom of Gloria. He comes to ImaginLand armed with a bag of white magic and stories about how magic can make our lives better. Garmon is known for his engaging tales filled with wonder.

Prince Sadon

Prince Sadon is Princess Bella’s brother. Right from childhood, the two never got along. For some reason, Sadon always believed that Bella was responsible for all his misfortunes and rocky relationship with his Father-King Arthur. Sadon later became an apprentice to The Great O Witch and mastered the art of sorcery, becoming the most powerful sorcerer that ever lived. Black Thunder the Dragonis his sidekick pet.

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A world of fantasy and exploration opens up for kids through creative visits from themed characters like Garmon the Wizard, Princess Bella, and Great O the Witch.