Delicious To Die For Chocolate Covered Ice cream!

by Kidsimaginland posted on 2 November , 2016

Ice Cream (any flavor) - softened

  • 2 Cups Chocolate Chips
  • 2 Dessert spoon Coconut Oil (use refined coconut oil for a neutral taste)
  • 3 Dessert spoon walnuts

How to Control Anger in Your Children

by Jana Freeposted on 3 October , 2016

Any parents out there trying to figure out how to deal with angry kids? Yep, thought so. Facing a child’s anger bursts or temper tantrums is a “been there, done that” experience for many of us. Luckily, these little attitude flare-ups can be easily toned down in many instances, if we know how to approach them and if we can keep the goal of peaceful de-escalation in mind at all times.


by Kidsimaginland posted on Augest 27, 2016

Playgrounds are an opportunity for children to develop motor, cognitive, perceptual and social skills. Unfortunately, it has been observed that playground are often the site of accidental injuries and the related injuries by hazard have increased in numbers by putting kids at risk of getting injured on swings and slides, monkey bars and other climbing equipment where falls are the most common cause and fractures have been diagnosed as the most common type of accidental injury as playgrounds receive a tremendous amount of wear and tear.

Questions to Ask a Prospective Childcare Provider

by Jana Freeposted on Augest 22, 2016

The best time to start looking for a childcare provider is before you need one. As you plan for childcare, there are many questions that you’re going to want to ask, so that you can have assurance in your mind on the day you drop off your child that you’ve chosen the absolute best facility.

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Childcare

by Jana Freeposted on Augest 11, 2016

Have you heard about problems with childcare or experiences some of them yourself? Most of these troubles are rumors, but a few do exist in childcare center that are not the best facilities. If need someone to look after your child, but wonder how you’ll deal with the hurdles and difficulties (real or imagined), we invite you to take a new look at childcare. We suggest you learn about what a good childcare center should be and then consider a facility that will bring you solutions not more trying issues.

10 Unexpected Ways Parenting Can Make Your Life Better

by Jana Freeposted on Augest 9, 2016

Even though there are times when I think about my crazy schedule as a parent, or how much time I wish I had for this or that, there are more moments when I simply give thanks for the opportunity to be a mom. Like most moms and dads, I imagine, kids can present challenges but they can be the biggest sources of joy on the planet.

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